**"The awareness of my journey began August 28, 2021.  For a long time I relied on substances and people to "complete" me.  I also felt at that time like I was going through emotional and spiritual hell.  Even in the depths of that, I could feel something stirring within me.  This was what I can only describe as a purge of emotional baggage, doubts, fears and insecurities.  This began to prepare me for the time of my "awakening."  Once I "awakened," I then began to feel like I needed answers as well as guidance.  Under the recommendation of my wonderful mother, Karla Greene, I contacted Dee Dee Cortinas.  Dee Dee has not only been a great and very helpful advisor/healer for me, she has also been an amazing guide.  Dee Dee has helped me to have a better understanding of, as well as,  to strengthen my gifts and connections also. Dee Dee is truly gifted with sight and healing."  ~Jerusha

**"I was introduced to Dee Dee from a dear friend who was aware of my interests in the spiritual arts. I practiced theta healing and other healing techniques prior to reiki however there’s something about reiki that feels lighter than other practices. I became a reiki 2 practitioner and although I do not practice daily I can feel the energies available to me whenever needed.  I’ve learned to be in tune with my body which in the long run aided me in healing not only emotional and personal blockages but blockages that affected my physical wellbeing. Reiki was the starting point to loving who I am and where I am in life, no matter what it looked like. Whenever I am able to practice on another, I’m healing myself in the process. 

Although Dee Dee started off as a teacher for me, she has long been a friend that has guided me whenever I asked. Her support in all areas of

My life has been a blessing.  Her work is full of light, love, and positivity. There’s no doubt about that. I’m blessed to be a part of this community thanks to her. I’m blessed to call Dee Dee a friend."

~Rachel Ramirez

**"The house blessing kit from Ashley was just what I needed during a tough time in my life. The step-by-step instructions made it easy for a first-timer like myself. The included prayer is something my kids and I use on a regular basis. I’m grateful for the positive energy felt after using the kit."


**"Ashley has read for me several times. She is always quick to respond and so nice to work with. She certainly has a passion and talent for readings. The bones readings are super unique and really cool! Ashley has also helped me to choose crystals for different situations and she is very knowledgeable about them."

      ~Tiffany Oaks 

**"I've really enjoyed taking this class.  Laurie has taught me how to better deal with stress and has helped me NOT to feel guilty when I've had to say NO!  I truly appreciate you.  Thanks Laurie."             ~Jan


**"I had a reiki session with Dee Dee Cortinas.  She put me completely at ease which was easy because she is one of the kindest persons I know.  Needless to say I left the session completely clear of ALL the stress I had in my energy field." 

Dee Dee gave a Reiki 1 class that I participated in.  "It was a very interesting class and I learned a lot from it.  The best part was the attunement.  I could really feel the energy she was sending me.  I was very satisfied with the class and my teacher."  

~Cathy Hildebrand

**"I would  like to say I met Dee Dee by chance. I truly believe that we were brought together by fate. There is an old saying  'Some people enter our lives and quickly go. Some people stay for awhile. They move our souls to dance! They awaken us to a new understanding, They leave footprints in our hearts forever.'

I can honestly say that within moments of meeting Dee Dee I knew a door in my soul was blown wide open. Dee Dee allowed me to see gifts I was blessed with as a young child. She helped me to release hurt and pain that I had carried with me for decades. Life takes us down many roads. I have contacted Dee Dee for Reiki and Intuitive readings." 

~ Anonymous


**"Laurie's teaching skills are amazing!  I am constantly learning wonderful ways to celebrate each day.  Laurie's humor and knowledge make each class a joyful experience."       ~anonymous 

**"Laurie's Coaching Sessions are inspirational and thought provoking.  They have taught me a new and better way of dealing with life's challenges and the difficult  people we all encounter in our lives."     ~Nancy

**"I had been under a lot of stress due to my husband’s Parkinson’s and Dementia.  Laurie taught me how to Tap.  As I learned about tapping on top of my head; on the inside of my eyebrow; outside edge of my eye; underneath my eye; below my nose and upper lip; below my lower lip; at the notches at my collarbone, under my armpit.  It was amazing how quickly I felt the calming results.  

I now use Tapping for anxiety, stress, and to help me deal with migraine headaches.  I can Tap anywhere, in my car, leaning against my kitchen counter.  It’s convenient and so easy to use anytime I’m feeling stressed, anxious, angry, in pain!  It’s a great cheap way to manage emotions."  ~Donna Grady-Moore

**"Love love love my dream circle.  I just joined a few months ago and it is such a wonderful group.  We do a meditation at the beginning and then draw a picture of any visions we've had or share a dream we've had.  Then we try to find the symbols in the dreams and the insights are sometimes very surprising and on target.  We learn things about ourselves from our dreams.  It's a very wonderful time and will enrich your lives to find out what your dreams have to tell you about your life and about your energy and journey in this life.  Dreams are amazing at telling us all about where we're headed.  Dee Cortinas and Laurie Anderson make it a fun and learning experience. 

~Cathy Hildebrand