The Roots of The Healing Tree Circle

The Healing Tree Circle has been serving the Triad for 7 years.  We began as an LLC and have become a 501c3 this year, 2022.

Dee Dee Cortinas started her business, Energy Source Sessions, in 1986.  After practicing and speaking with many energy workers who shared the desire to pool their knowledge and experiences in order to offer holistic options for health and wellness to others, The Healing Tree Circle was manifested.

We started out with Reiki circles which has expanded to Intuitive Readings, Tarot Readings, Meditations, Yoga, Psychic Fairs, Spiritual Coaching, EFT/Tapping and more, bringing a wonderful group of practitioners together.  The community continues to grow by embracing one another's gifts and sharing with an ever-expanding population of individuals who are waking up to the Spirit within... in other words, those who are now standing in their TRUTH! 

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Our Practitioners

Dee Dee Cortinas is an ordained minister through the Universal Brotherhood Movement and  LEWA Light & Energy Workers Association, Motivational Life Coach, Medium, Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Counselor.
She was born in Walla Walla, Washington and has traveled world wide teaching Reiki, psychic development classes and medium ship. She has practiced Reiki healing and Intuitive counseling for years.
Her psychic abilities began as a child after having a near death experience through drowning at the age of four. Her grandmother was a Mexican "Curandera" and told her she would one day practice healing energies as well. Although, she tried to disprove her grandmother's prediction, she eventually realized that living through Spirit means following the call to service. She has been the facilitator and creator of many Reiki Circles around the world and has taught many people how to use Reiki to improve their lives. She believes anyone can learn Reiki and that we all have the ability to change our lives. 

Dee Dee Cortinas

Board Member

Laurie Anderson is a Life Coach certified through the Fearless Living Institute in 2006. Early on, she was a piano teacher, Elementary Ed. and Special Needs teacher.  She always had an interest in psychology as well.  Coaching, with the premise that people already have their own knowing and their own answers that a coach helps to draw out, seemed the next right step.  
Since that time, Laurie has added the powerful tool of EFT or tapping with clients (certified in levels I & II), along with many other tools and techniques.  She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and a LEWA reverend.
Laurie is just as delighted as her clients when they have those ah-ha moments!  She is passionate about helping clients see where they are stuck in old patterns and offering new perspectives and tools to really make positive, lasting changes to support them in moving towards a life they are excited about.

Laurie Anderson

Board Member

Ashley Shepherd is a Reiki Master/Teacher, certified Angel Card Reader,  Osteomancy Reader, and the owner of Held By Grace. She was born in Greensboro, NC and has traveled the country and the world spreading her gifts. She has practiced Reiki, gemstone healing, and Angel cards for several years.
Her psychic abilities began as a small child after dreams that soon came true. Generations before her also had this same gift. Although, some of her family have chosen not to practice their abilities, Ashley feels like it is what she is meant to do. Following her calling in life resulted in Held By Grace being born.
She believes that everyone has intuitive and psychic abilities- you just have to learn and trust what is given to you! Following her abilities has led her to her latest adventure- Bone Throwing. She believes in free will and that very little is set in stone.
Ashley has had many gifted teachers along her journey, who have helped her to understand her gift to help, heal, and empower others.
Ashley also works full time in the aviation world. She understands the daily work challenges you may face and is here to help!
Being a part of a Reiki group for the last several years has changed her life for the better and has opened several doors. Ashley strongly believes that anyone can use gemstones, bones, and Reiki to improve their lives. 

Ashley Shepherd

Ever since I can remember I have had that extra sense, spirits have always come to me.  Ever since I was born I have just known things that will happen or things about people I meet.  I am a dreamer and messages come to me in them.  I grew up around many people who practice many different things.  I was gifted my first tarot deck at 10 years old and would do readings for my friends and eventually my mom’s friends.  My great-great grandmother who practiced brujería has been with me since I was born.  She continues to be a guide to me in many areas.My work consists of tarot readings.  I believe that we all have parts of us that need healing whether mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically.  Sometimes we know what we need and often we do not.  I use what I have been gifted to help others in their healing.  I also create candles, scrubs, herbal tea soaks, and many other items to help support you in meditation and healing work.I am also a licensed minister and offer ministerial services as well.

Jennifer Flynn

Jerusha McCraw is a certified Reiki Master Teacher. She pairs Reiki with her natural intuition and desire to assist people on their healing journeys. Reiki and meditation have helped her overcome her own past traumas. She is excited to share the benefits and power of Reiki with others.  

Jerusha McCraw

Reiki Master

Tina Meeks

Board Member

Tina is in professional management. She learned at a young age that she had unorthodox beliefs and searched for her true answers after a cancer diagnosis in her thirties.She has continued to develop and explore her beliefs about the universe and has found more knowledge and understanding than she ever expected.

Missy Fitzgerald

Board Member

Missy Fitzgerald works as a Physician's Assistant.